Your New Space Should Last for Years

Start with new construction framing in Colville, WA - WE TRAVEL UP TO 50 MILES AROUND COLVILLE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS

Completing a new construction project isn't easy. There are a variety of elements that need to be in place before you start picking out curtains and paint swatches. B W J Contracting, LLC can take care of the essential components, so that you can focus on the fun stuff. We provide new construction services in Colville, Washington. You can hire us for help building anything from a home to a warehouse.

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Check necessary jobs off of your list

So, what parts of your new construction project will our team cover? You can depend on us for new construction framing, concrete pouring and insulation, drywall and window installation. The most necessary parts of your space will be put in place. Next, we can bring in subcontractors to add all of the finishing touches you need.

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